Reflecting on 5 Years of Running My Own Law Firm: A Journey of Growth and Impact

Reflecting on 5 Years of Running My Own Law Firm: A Journey of Growth and Impact

Five years ago this month, I embarked on an ambitious journey – to establish a law firm that would not only offer top-tier legal services but also embody values of integrity, compassion, and justice. This journey has been both a professional expedition and a personal evolution.

Significant Milestones and Achievements

Our journey began as a solo practice, with a fierce determination to make a difference. Since then, we’ve successfully navigated many cases, earning a solid reputation within the legal community for our dedication and expertise. This recognition has been a testament to our commitment to excellence and has propelled our growth from a lone practitioner to a vibrant team of accomplished lawyers and support staff.

Our impact extends beyond the courtroom. Our collaboration with community organisations like Rainbow Families marks a significant stride in our quest towards fostering LGBTQIA+ awareness and advocacy.

Our dedication to social impact and inclusivity is recognised not only by our peers but also by TV, radio, podcast, and newspaper outlets, as well as the Law Society of NSW, where I’ve been honoured to be interviewed to share insights on case law, legislation, and public interest matters.

Future Goals for the Law Firm

Looking ahead, our ambition burns brighter than ever. Our goal remains to continue providing unparalleled legal services while venturing into new areas of law to cater to a broader spectrum of client needs. We aim to further enrich our team with individuals who are not only professionally outstanding but who also share our unwavering dedication to justice.

Community engagement remains at the heart of our mission. We are committed to deepening our existing partnerships and initiating new programs that champion inclusivity and support underrepresented groups. Moreover, fostering a workplace that champions collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning is pivotal as we aim to continue contributing to significant legal debates in various media platforms.

Personal Reflection on the Journey

These past five years have been an incredible voyage of professional and personal growth. The evolution from a solo practitioner to a legal family of 9 has been both challenging and profoundly rewarding. We’ve taken cases that stretched our capabilities and expanded our perspectives, allowing us to make tangible contributions to our clients’ lives and the broader community.

The partnerships we’ve established, particularly with organizations like Rainbow Families, emphasize the role of social responsibility in our work. The recognition we’ve received are humbling, reminding us of the impact and resonance of our path beyond the legal landscape.

Client Testimonials

Our clients’ voices remain the most authentic testament to our journey:

  • “Highly recommend to anyone who may need help with their family law matter. Nicole and her team were an amazing support during such a difficult chapter in my life.”
  • “Professional, empathetic, and caring. Provided informed advice grounded in an impressive understanding of each legal issue.”
  • “Nicole matched it with the big guns and got an excellent result for me and my kids.”

The accolades, while humbling, are a clear reflection of the dedication and hard work of our entire team.


As we celebrate this 5-year milestone, my heart is full of gratitude for our team, our clients, and our community. The journey has been both challenging and immensely fulfilling. Together, we’ve created a firm that not only pursues justice but also fosters compassion, integrity, and inclusivity at every step.

The future beckons with the promise of further growth, challenges, and opportunities to make a difference. As we continue on this path, our commitment to excellence, social impact, and legal innovation remain steadfast.

Nicole Evans is the Managing Director of Barker Evans, a family law firm located in the Sydney CBD. Barker Evans provides expert family law advice and can also assist in criminal law and wills & estates.

If you need expert legal advice contact Barker Evans on (02) 8379 1892 or info@barkerevans.com.au.